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Doing It Right - Marrying Canadian Citizen

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by bundori, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. I am confused and wondering if anyone can help me with their expert advise.

    As a US CITIZEN I would like to spend time with my girlfriend in Canada for up to 6 months. Do I need any documentation? My understanding has been no because US CITIZEN can have up to six months IN CANADA without documentations and would be considered legal. Is this a correct assumption?

    As love is blind, what happens If I decide to marry her in Canada during the 6 months period? When we get the marriage certificate, how soon after that can we apply for spousal sponsorship from within Canada. Is there any time requirement that you must have known each other before you marry her, so as to not run in to "time delays" and even denials during the application process?

    After I submitted the application for spousal sponsorship, what do WE need to do to prepare for the rest of the process?
    I read through the forum that this process takes about 44 days and yet I read this process is taking 9 months to a year? What is the timeline?

    If we start the sponsorship process, but the application takes more than 4 months to process, and I've almost exhausted the 6 months period, what do I do? Do I need to apply for extension for temporary stay?

    God forbid, but if I have a need to go back to my city in the US due to personal emergency after I submitted my application for permanent residency via spousal sponsorship, my understanding is that the process may have to start all over again. Do they make exceptions for those who seriously have to go back for a short period of time?

    At what point do I or my girlfriend need to provide proof of funding for support? Can anyone clarify that?

    Now the most important thing is.... work................
    If I am on visitor's only.................... I can't look for a job? or yes?
    If yes, then if an employer hires me, I still need a work permit or not; given I have work experience in retirement home, marketing or activities, hotel, or property management or general sales. My question is that specific because there are those that need work permits and there are those that don't need it. If no, I can not look for a job until CIC issue one, how long does that take? Bottom line, I just want to get a feel of how long I can be expected to be without a job?

    Is a medical required for the sponsored to be finalized and accepted for PR? If so, can this be done ahead of time and where?

    I know all these questions are on the internet somewhere, but consolidating these answers directly relating to the questions from an expert or from ones with experience will help.

  2. PMM
  3. Dear PMM

    Thank you so much for your responses. I am a little bit confused still and want to know if you or anyone can help me clarify some responses

    ”It (medical)is to be submitted with the application and the sponsorship. Don't forget you will require a FBI fingerprint check as well, which”h is taking 12-16 weeks to be submitted with the application. Also CIC may request state clearances.”

    1. Can you verify how to get this done? The impression I received from the internet was that I would receive instructions on how and when and where to get the medical done when I am instructed to? Because the information from the medical will be sent to the cic instead of myself.. Is the procedure about getting the medical completed prior to submitting the application included in the application kit hence I am not waiting for instruction AFTER I submit my application?

    As far as the lack of criminal record goes, From what I gather, I should obtain the form from the application kit, and go to a local police department with the letter (form from the application kit) and tell them I need finger prints for the purpose of Canadian immigration purposes. they will then finger print me, and after I receive the finger prints on the card, I should mail that to the address in West Virginia so they will mail the results to me in 12-16 weeks so I can include it in my application? Are the blank FBI Fingerprint cards included in the application kit?

    What happens next after I have received AIP (Approval in principle) when can I apply or receive OWP? How long more do I have to wait after the aip for an open work permit or being granted permanent residency?

    Just to make sure, is it ok to apply for a work permit if I have an employer that would hire me base on the requirements they have met such as the time the job had been advertised etc? and if that does clear, does that effect my spousal sponsorship application in any way?

    thank you so much in advance to answer my questions again. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
  4. Hi

  5. Hi PMM,

    Regarding Open work permit again, I can't locate where in the stack of forms I Can apply for the open work permit at the time of the application and how much to pay or how to pay it. Can you help?

  6. Hi

    If you are applying in-canada spousal, you complete an IMM 1249 to request the open work permit and include the $150 fee.

  7. Hallo to everybody!

    I have a question for PMM regarding sponsorship within Canada and this matter:

    If we start the sponsorship process, but the application takes more than 4 months to process, and I've almost exhausted the 6 months period, what do I do? Do I need to apply for extension for temporary stay?

    You have to apply for an extension at Vegreville.

    Will I receive for sure an extension or it can be denied? And for which reasons? If it is denied should I leave Canada and re-apply from the beginning from my country?
    If the process is going to take more time and I need one more extension what happens?

    Many thanks for your help!
  8. i have exactly the same question... what happens if I don't get the extension? and they ask you how long you want the extension for... how long should I say? 6 months?? a year??
    Please somebody answer... thanks
  9. Hi

    You ask for 1 year, if the application is being processed and you are not criminally/medically/security inadmissible it is usually approved.
    If there are doubts about the relationship, you probably would be referred to a local office.

  10. Thanks so much PMM.

    One more thing, I read in another forum something I had never been aware of before.
    Do you confirm that there is the possibility to apply from within Canada as it is were an outside application in order to accelerate times?
    So in this case, extension would be generally approved if needed (if you are not criminally/medically/security inadmissible)and the only risk is that if you have to be interviewed the interview will take place in your country (Italy in my case)?

    Thanks again :)
  11. Hi

    1. If you are in Canada applying at an overseas office, ie Rome, the interview would be in Rome. Also there is greater chance that an extension request may be refused as it is your intention to remain permanently in Canada.


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