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Does Spouse needs separate CSQ form- Please Reply

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rasein, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Does Spouse needs to send separate CSQ Form even though spouse is not working
  2. Yes, she needs to fill separate CSQ forms ( all forms that Principal is filling except otherwise indicated) and send all educational/experience certificates.
  3. Thanks a lot Robin,

    This a same reply which i sent you personally...

    So my wife will filling CSQ form as "Accompanying Spouse" and she has to fill separate Declaration by spouse also

    Any tips for me...here is my situation

    1. I am working and wife is a Home maker
    2. Have 3 Yr old Kid
    3. Learnt French in School & College for 4 yrs but now i lost the touch with it
    4. Having 7 yrs exp in IT
    5. My wife worked as Dietitian in India for 3+ before 3 yrs
    6. Planning to learn French

    For this what are the Government forms i need to send

  4. i am in montreal working and got my csq before wedding and trying to add my husband to csq and sent the necessary documents to immigration-quebec. How long does it take?
    did anyone else face this?
    PLEASE REPLY. i have to apply work permit if it takes late.
    SOmeoneeeeeeeeeee reply!

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