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Documents Required: To Prove Relation in Canada

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by rocky272727, May 27, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    Could seniors please advice on what all documents are required to prove the relation in Canada and claim 5 points.

    Kindly Correct me if I am wrong,

    1. Copy or PR Card, Passport
    2. A letter Stating that the person is in my relation from the PR Holder.

    Kindly let me know what else is required.
  2. formy case, they're asking for the following:
    family tree
    his birth certificate and marriage certificate.
    marriage certificate of parents
    water bill electric bills for the last 3 months to prove he is residing in canada.
  3. Thanks.

    I have the Copy of PR Card for my relation + Affidavit stating the relation + Marriage Certificate of Relation where my grandfather name is there, + Relation Indian Passport Copy (stating my grandfather name) + My Mother Passport Copy (stating my grandfather name) + My mother document stating my grandfather name + A letter by the relation stating that I am in her relation.

    I do not have the electricity or water bills (Relation) as stated by you. Are these stated above sufficient.
    Kindly update.

  4. you not only need to prove your relation with the canadian relative but you also have to prove that he is currently residing in canada. the documents you mentioned may prove your relation to your canadian relative but they are not enough to prove that your canadian relative is currently residing in canada. in order to do so, ask your canadian relative to provide you with some documents like; his bank statement or credit card statement which shows his spending in canada, and his utility bills etc etc ...
  5. Hi,

    I think Bank Statements can be provided which provides there name and Canadian Address....I think It can be done.

    Thanks a lot for helping out.



    • Proof of relationship to your close relative in Canada, such as birth, marriage or
    adoption certificates.
    • If your close relative is a permanent resident of Canada: photocopy of his or
    her Record of Landing (IMM 1000), Confirmation of Permanent Residence or
    Permanent Resident Card.
    • If your close relative is a Canadian citizen: proof of Canadian citizenship, such
    as a photocopy of pages of a Canadian passport or Canadian citizenship card.
    • Proof that your relative is currently living in Canada.
  7. i don't know why, but the visa office letter didn't ask me for the relatives passport or pr card.
    they only asked for family tree, birth cert., marriage contract of parents and bills.

    rocky, i don't think a bank statement will be enough. anybody can go to canada for a day open a bank account and leave the next day. or can somebody open an account in someone elses name in canada? my letter says, phone bill or electricity bills.

  8. The bottom line is this:
    Give them all they want plus those listed in your country's specific required documents.

    That is what I have done. I have asked my relatives for everything above, plus TAX certs, Bills, credit card XActions etc.

    Man, just give them everything that will help to prove what they want - That is, you have a relative who is "RESIDENT-" Living there and is either a permanent resident or Citizen".
  9. with all due respect bobbyb, we wouldn't be asking all these questions of what may be acceptable or not, if we have all the documents they are asking for. right?
  10. Hi
    I have my Aunt who is a PR and she doesnt have electricity or water bills in her name, its in her Son's name....now I thought Bank statements would help but since you guys have said need more....its just proof of PR/Citizen residing in Canada is which is troubling me rest I have.

    Could you please suggest me if there is any thing else that can be used to that I can speak to my aunt and they can send me.

    Please suggest.
  11. Yes and No. Depends on what your relative is ready to get for you. But take a look at the standard documents they request.
    What is your opinion.? Do you think a permanent resident or citizen will and should have them or not?

    My friend, those documents are documents which every resident should have, thus, the reason for asking for them.
  12. Hi

    Please suggest what all other documents can be provided apart from Bank Statements, Electricity & water bill.

    Kindly Advice
  13. http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/documents-required-to-prove-relation-in-canada-t19554.0.html;msg94289#msg94289


    search for your country specific requirements - It's all there!!!

    Hope this helps.
  14. Thanks BobbyB.

    Appreciate it. This is the requirement as per the New Delhi Visa Office

    • Proof of relationship to your close relative in Canada, such as birth, marriage or
    adoption certificates.
    • Documents submitted as proof of residency in Canada must be less than six (6)
    months old. Example of documents:
    • income tax assessment (Canada Revenue Agency) for the relative,
    • telephone bills,
    • credit card invoices,
    • employment documents, and/or
    • bank statements.

    So I think Bank Statements would do here.
    Thanks Again.

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