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Confirmation of Permanent Residence

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Vaughn, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Hello

    Thanks to the helpful people on this forum my wife who is waiting on her PR to Canada has finally received a Confirmation of Permanent Residence letter! :D :D

    However we are confused why we even received this letter. We assumed that when we sent her passport away it would be sent back with PR card and not just a letter stating she has been approved but no actual PR card. She is currently residing in Canada on a work permit and had a multiple entry visa which they have now annulled and issued her a new single entry Visa that is valid only for 5 weeks.

    It states in the letter that if you are already living in Canada to call the 1-888 number to make appointment (good luck getting through). We will be trying that this week however can anyone advise on the process going forward? It it just a matter of one last appointment to actually sign something and pick up a card or will they make her jump through some more hurdles?
  2. If i am not mistaken you have to book for appoinment coz almost all CIC local office is by appoinment only, at the time you book for appoinment they will tell you what to bring, like photos and identification.
  3. Hello!

    The CoPR just means that her PR has been approved. She now needs to 'land' as a PR and after she lands she will get the PR mailed to her (timing available at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/perm-card.asp).

    To land before her CoPR expires, you can indeed make an appointment (as they suggested - beware it can take time for an available appointment so make sure they are aware of the expiration date). Alternatively, if you are close to the border, you can exit and re-enter Canada (e.g., drive to the US and head back to Canada) or possibly land at an international airport near you (there's conflicting info on this so it may depend on the airport - call to check first).

    When she lands, make sure she processes her B4/B4A for any items she may have temporarily imported with her work permit so she can keep them in Canada duty free. If she has any goods she may have left abroad, she should list them also as goods to follow to be able to import them in the future duty free (with photos of jewelry, serial and model number of electronics, and VINs for vehicles).

  4. Thank you for your replies! We are not close to a border so we will try for an appointment and see what happens. If that link applies to how many days for the card to arrive after this appoint then it is still a bit of a wait but at least it is the end of the wait.
  5. indeed - it's the last "waiting bit" - but once landed, you don't need to wait for the card - your wife is officially a PR of Canada as soon as she has "landed" (stamped the COPR etc).
    Congratulations on making it to the end - I wish that was me! :)
  6. To build on Sweden's comments, you can use the stamped CoPR (after landing) as proof of residency to switch her SIN to a permanent resident SIN (won't start with 9 anymore), and anything else you need. The only caveat is if she travels abroad and is not visa exempt, she will need a Travel Document to be able to get on a plane back to Canada until she has her PR card (so the airline lets her on the plane since they can't verify CoPRs).

    Congratulations o your wife on reaching his far!
  7. Can someone plz tell me how a copr document looks like??
  8. it's a long piece of paper, with information about the applicant, and stating "Confirmation of PR" on top - and it also says "not valid for travel" on it, which means that you need your passport to travel, not only the COPR. You will get 2 copies, one with a picture, one without.

    In your case, because you're not visa-exempt, the embassy will send back the passport with a visa allowing you to get on a plane ( the airline staff is not trained to recognize a COPR), together with the COPR.

    Good luck,
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  9. I rip about 2 inch of the right lower end of the letter although not completely.. will this cause me problems in the immigration. I accidentally out did while opening my envelop since I didn't expect there would be a letter inside.
  10. Are both copies torn? Since the stamped CoPR is the definitive proof you landed for ever, I would prefer it's not torn. I would reach out to your visa office, explain the situation, and ask them to replace the CoPR (you'll need to mail it back to them and they will send you the new one back).
  11. My PR application was approved and I have received Confirmation of Permanent Residence. I am working in USA, Do I need to land in Canada to apply for PR? Can I apply PR at Canadian Consulate in USA? If not, am I eligible to enter/exit multiple time based on Confirmation of Permanent Residence?
  12. you have already applied for pr. the COPR is the CONFIRMATION your application was approved. No, you can not "land" at a consulate in the US, you must report to a border(land or air) to officially become a PR by the expiration date listed on your COPR. If you do not "land" by the date written on your COPR, it will be cancelled and you will need to start the application process all over again.
  13. Thanks for the above posts.

    I was worried since my Wife is in Canada on a CWP/TRV. She has a SIN starting with 9....

    She has sent her (Indian) Passport to CPC - Ottawa to get her PR Visa Stamped. The issue is she has a new Job Offer which she can join till 26th October. Assuming she gets the COPR along with the Stamped Passport before that she should still be fine to join her new Job with the COPR + existing SIN while she waits to get "Landed" Status.

  14. No, not correct. Just receiving the COPR/visa doesn't give her any rights in Canada. She is on a closed work permit and cannot work for any other employer. If she does start this new job before landing as a PR, she will be working illegally in Canada.
  15. My husband and I accidentally signed our COPR before we read the letter instructing us not to sign the COPR until we are told to do so by the Immigration Officer. We got too excited.

    Will this be a problem when we land?

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