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CIC Canada filing a complaint

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by ryanman127, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. I applied for CEC on March 2012 and got a reply saying that my application wasn't satisfying. Their reason is that I didn't work for 12 months. It's a long story and very confusing but I know for sure they made a mistake by looking at wrong dates and assume how many months I worked for. So I would like to file a complaint.

    I was wondering if they would accept it, and has anything like this happen before?

    I've worked my ass off trying to immigrate in this country and nothing good has happened to me yet.
  2. So sorry about ur rejection. when did u start working?? if ur work experience started counting before graduation or before u receive ur pgwp, probably that's the reason for rejection because work experience started counting after u receive ur pgwp and after graduation and not before then even if u worked for one year.. can u share ur rejection letter?? did u receive AOR before rejection?? it will be easier to advice u on what to do when u provide more detail..
  3. @ryanman127

    - Feel free to share your long and confusing story, provide some dates so we can see whether they count your 12 months correctly or not.
    - So far, filing complaints usually get no response / doesn't work. Reapplying would be a better option
  4. Hey um I've worked since December til next April so that's over an year. I thought they would know how long I have been working for because they gave me the work permit in December. They made a huge and obvious mistake but I can't really explain it
  5. did u worked full time or part time?? did u count ur hours to ensure u get the required hours?? They won't reject u without obvious reason
  6. The time they counted not only based on your work permit but also relied on the employer letter.
    You can send them an email to explain detail of your working period with supporting proof and ask them to reconsider their decision.
    If you are lucky, they might re-open your case.

    Wish you luck!
  7. did your employment letter stated that you worked a full year?
    Can you explain better your situation please.


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