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Check the new webisite from HRSDC (www.workingincanada.gc.ca)

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by tarakrs, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Check the following website


    CIC or HRSDC has done a wonderful job for newcomers by making this website.

    Now we can choose the city of Canada we want to migrate by comparing wages in our skilled Area. Also we can find jobs on this by city.

    The remarkable thing is they have done the projection of Job openings vs Job seekers for entire country in all NOCs. This means we can assume the demand of our occupation.

    There is plenty of other useful information on this.

    All you need to do is

    - Enter your NOC

    - Choose A location

    - Click on All sections.

    If anyone has any comments / queries please share so it can be useful to others.
  2. Thanks. It seems great and user friendly.... cheers
  3. It is indeed...

    I wanted to share this with everyone although most of us would have found it on their own.

  4. hey tarakrs,

    whats up with ur visa?

    everything good ?

  5. Well Tarak buddy indeed a good website.....but good for the Primary applicant....as i know the NOC code for my wife(PA) but my profile comes under a lot dandhas......

  6. very informative
  7. Its really informative especially for those people who will be landing soon...

    In some cases like those skilled worjers under regulated professions must first meet the qualifications...in my case fir example, i am under regulated jobs which is NOC3152 otherwise known as Registered Nurse...if you'll be reading further the qualifications needed for this job, you must be assessed first by the governing body of College of Nurses to which your perspective province...After assessment you'll go thru exams in order for you to practice your profession with a limit of 3x applying for exam, f you failed the third time then you'll be recommended for enrollment in school...

    To cut it short...more process and payments be done in order to land the job...

    Quite exhuasting specially if you really dont have a careful plan...studying again would be a big risk for it will feed on the money we have saved for many years...

    In my opinion, before you leave...make a plan even better a back-up plan as well...you'll never know whats in it for you after you land...seek for the help of others like your relatives or friends who already walks thru the society and working phase in canada...be confident and always seek GODs guidance....
  8. Great site to prepare ourselves before landing, thanks!
  9. Thanks taraks for keeping everybody informed

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