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Cheapest Home-Phone with FREE International Calling >>>

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by qorax, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Tested & Recommended >>>


    How about having a $30/month Home-Phone
    And get FREE International Calling
    * ?
    *You get to call Sixty Two (62) countries... List below.

    - It is all "Unlimited" - Canada, US and all the 60 countries !
    - You get all "Calling Features" for FREE.
    - It has a 'parallel' port, for attaching a Fax Machine; and you get to Fax for FREE.
    - It is better than "Vonage" & "Magic-Jack".
    - It is, of-course, cheaper than our current (standard) Rogers or Bell home-phone.
    - Has the "Video-Phone"* (Optional) facility; the only provider of this service in the World !
    - You can 'bundle' it with their INTERNET for another $37/month; and get "Unlimited" High-Speed/High Bandwidth/HD-TV quality Wi-Fi !

    *I am using their Video-Phone.

    YES, I am using this Home-Phone and find it AWESOME ! ...in fact, we have a group of buddies here in Toronto who are using this phone - and we are "saving big-time"... Thus, I thought of recommending.


    For $29.99 a month - you get a "Toronto No." which calls 'unlimited' Local & Long-Distance, the entire North America [Canada & US] AND calls 60 other countries for FREE. Some of which are India, UK, Australia, China, Singapore etc. (full list below). And all "Calling Features" come FREE too.

    And for another $37 a month (Optional) - you get a "High-Speed Internet Connection" which has 'unlimited' data... Yes - No Caps whatsoever. Has 6 Mbps speed and is Wi-Fi... any No. of computers in the home... any amount of Data usage !

    Thus, for a total bundle price of $66.99 per month only you get the best HD-TV quality Internet & Home-Phone plan in Canada, which is all "UNLIMITED" !

    Off course you can only take the Homephone Plan alone [for 29.99/month], if you have your own Internet package... but, what the heck, this Internet Plan [for $37/month] is too good as well. The nearest internet plan from Bell or Rogers come for $55.99/month... and that too has a 'cap' or 'fair-share' policy! While the nearest Homephone Plan from Bell or Rogers also come for $55.99++, but without International Calling... BEAT THAT !

    Home-Phone Plan details :

    Monthly Charges
    A 'local' telephone (call everywhere in Canada & the US - unlimited) and also make 'unlimited' calls to more than 60 countries... for only $29.99 / month !
    - Save over your current phone service
    - Replaces traditional Local & Long-distance service
    - It is better than Vonage (which is limited to only 3000 calls a month)
    - Exceptional call clarity
    - It's a VOIP phone... but u don't see the difference... just plug-n-play on your wall socket.

    Included Features
    As part of the standard price, all phone-features come FREE !
    - Unlimited National Calling / Receiving
    - Unlimited International Calling / Receiving (to over 60 countries - list below)
    - Local Phone Number
    - Or Teleport Your Existing Phone Number
    - Online Account Management
    - Voice Mail
    - Call Forwarding
    Call Forwarding: No Answer
    Call Forwarding: Busy
    Call Forwarding: Always
    Call Forwarding: Call Blasting
    - Caller ID
    - Call Return: Last Number Redial
    - Call Waiting
    - Speed Dial
    - Faxing Capabilities
    - Accessories
    - Two-line Capabilities

    Calling Destinations
    Get unlimited calling to over Sixty (60) destinations (and growing!) - for FREE!

    Standard package destinations, without being called 'Long-Distance':
    (1)Canada, (2)U.S., (3)Puerto Rico
    Both, Landline & Cellphone destinations:
    (4)China, (5)Guam, (6)Hong Kong, (7)India, (.8.)Singapore, (9)Thailand, (10)Virgin Islands [US]
    Landline destinations:
    (11)Andorra, (12)Argentina, (13)Australia, (14)Austria, (15)Belgium, (16)Brazil, (17)Brunei, (18)Darassalam, (19)Bulgaria, (20)Chile, (21)Colombia, (22)Croatia, (23)Cyprus, (24)Czech Republic, (25)Denmark, (26)Estonia, (27)Finland, (28)France, (29)Germany, (30)Greece, (31)Guadeloupe, (32)Hungary, (33)Iceland, (34)Ireland, (35)Israel, (36)Italy, (37)Japan, (38)Latvia, (39)Luxembourg, (40)Malaysia, (41)Martinique, (42)Mexico, (43)Monaco, (44)Netherlands, (45)New Zealand, (46)Norway, (47)Panama, (48)Peru, (49)Poland, (50)Portugal, (51)Romania, (52)Russia, (53)Slovakia, (54)Slovenia, (55)South Korea, (56)Spain, (57)Sweden, (58)Switzerland, (59)Taiwan, (60)Turkey, (61)United Kingdom, (62)Venezuela

    Bundle it with Hi-Speed "Internet"
    Total Bundle Price : $66.99 / month
    - 6 Mbps Speed
    - 'Unlimited' data... No Caps
    - Modem & Router
    - Go Wi-Fi... use unlimited computers in the home

    Promotion Offer:
    Till 31st August 2011 (extended sometimes, month-to-month), you get all accessories 'nearly' FREE.

    The Accessories are Modem/Router & ATP Adapter -- which costs $114 approx (HST included, one time buy). Till this month end -- they are "Refunding" $100 as a promotion offer, thus your entire eqpt. costs are only $14 !

    There's a One [1] Year Contract -- but they have a 97% retention history... the 3% who quit them were moving to a location where this system wasn't available... thus, their contracts were disabled without any penalty. And none of my friends have yet discontinued this service... some are having it since 1999 !

    How to Set-It-Up ?
    As u 'land' & take-up a residence - u may touch-base with me, be part of our "google-group" & we would Set-it-up for u.

    We r finding it awesome - so would u !

    Only available to customers in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta & British Columbia where technology permits.
  2. Dear Qorax,

    thank you for the information. I am planning to settle in Calgay, thus, I want to know is this facility available to allover Canada or only in Toronto/Ontario?

    Thank you once again for such an informative thread..
  3. Hi,
    Thanks for reminding me... I've added the 'locations'@the end of the post.
  4. Thanks so much for this Qorax :). We have a iphone 3 and planning to take that with us. Which one would you suggest for

    1. A mobile package without a phone

    2. A mobile package with a phone

    I understand a phone included indicates a 1 year contract. Is that right?


    Indira Prabhakaran.
  5. Hi,

    Here we r talking about 'landline' phones... For an iPhone4 I'm using Fido, they r Ok.

  6. Dear Qorax,

    Please clear this.

    Which Indian Mobile device will work in Canada if one want to take it there ?

    Also the current plan you mentioned is from Wind ? Is it comes with mobile device ?

  7. Canada uses 850MHz and 1900MHz frequencies for its GSM networks. Any of your overseas purchased handsets that can operate in either/or both of these bandwidth will be Ok.

    1. Here we also have AWS, that operates on 2100MHz (akin to T-Mobile of the US) if u have one of those handsets - most of them'd work as well.
    2. However, it's a dicey proposition - 'coz many might not work... so, avoid.
    3. There is also CDMA operators. But, obviously, they cannot operate with overseas handsets.
    4. Your best bet is to bring-in a GSM phone.
    5. Most of your iPhones, B/berry, Nokia, Sony etc. sets will work.
    6. But, purchasing here is a better option... 'coz u get to select the newer models; and they r cheaper than many countries.
    7. As I always said "Wind is good", they have nice handsets costing $45-140.

    Your call !
  8. Thanks Qorax,

    Also like to know abt google-group.


  9. Hi qorax sir,

    I need to know which phone company/companies to use for economical and quality service in Calgary both for landline and mobile.

    In addition which company offers cheaper calls to countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as I have family in both so need to call frequently.

    I found the information provided by you excellent but infact both of my frequent calling countries [Pakistan and KSA] are not included in it, so what would you recommend for me.

  10. Hi Qorax

    I and my family will be landing in Canada on the 2nd September. We will be living in Waterloo, Ontario.

    Could you tell me how to contact you abt this offer?


  11. Hi,

    Unfortunately, both those destinations [incl most of M/East] r from the 'pricier list' of calling locations from Canada. However, there r some 'calling cards' which could offer u better rates than the std phone companies. Eg. Turbo.

    Nonetheless, for an addnl $2/month u could obtain the 'premium package' of this same phone & call-up the world [other destinations, beyond the 62]@lower rates than the 'calling cards'.

  12. Once u reach here, u may PM me with your contact No. Then we could touchbase & set-it-up for u 'online'.
  13. Thanks Qorax,

    Please do advise how and from where to get this service in calgary.

  14. As intimated to the previous poster - once u arrive here u may PM me with your Tel.No. -- then I could contact u - and 'walk-u-thru' the online setting-up process [u will do it yourself - with some guidance from me].

  15. Thanks once again sir for the clearification.

    One quick question would you like to recommend which mobile phone company to be used for cheap calling rates etc. in Calgary?

    Any recommendations ?


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