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CHC LONDON FROM APRIL 2011 TO October 2011

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Nectar, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Unfortunatly there are desperate people out there ready to hang on every word he says, ( it prob gives them hope). And he is not the only one, i asked one fellow called qorax and asked him what he thought about my application status when i was told to repeat my medical (as the first one expired) he said unfortunatly that my backgroud check was still on, but then i got a totally different answer from Jim Humphries (ex immigration officer) who said that my PPR was on the was on the way and guess what................less than a month later i got my PPR. They might have given some considerably good info in the past but we should take their Info with a pinch of salt, esp when they cant proof where such information has come from.
  2. Dear Nector,

    I originally applied in Oct 2009 and got 1st file number from CHC Australia in March 2010 and then again got another 2nd File number from CHC London on 10th Aug 2010 and since then all is quite no communication from them. Tried to contact CHC London via email no response till date. I had already submitted all my documents including the IELTS and PCC in between March 2010 and June 2010 via my consultant.

    Please advice how long should i wait for an ans from CHC, as i even don't know if my file is approved or not. My consultant have already taken the CHC fees from me longtime back and says has deposited along with my application originally to CHC Australia.

    Waiting for your input and advice on my case.
  3. Australia????
  4. Hi all and to NECTAR especially,

    I have applied for my PR under FSW in Sept'2009 and since then waiting eagerly for my PR.

    With god's grace I am done with my medicals on 16 Jul'11 and same is received by LONDON VO on 20 July'11 along with my RPRF fees.

    As I keep reading on this forum that it can take 2 years to get an application processed as I am pre June 2010 applicant..is it true that still its gone take that long from hereon? Actually Im already finishing 2 years since the time my application was filed.

    Can anyone tell me how long is it gone take now from the time I'm done with medicals to get my passport request...I would request all who have already got visa as per my timeline or who have got their visa's stamped recently from LONDON VO.

    Please share ur views....

    Thanks to each and everyone...
  5. I applied through a consultant here in Dubai, and he in turn filed papaers in Australia and got my 1st file number in March 2010 and then the file was transfer to CHC London in Aug 2010 when i got 2nd file number. Online tracking on e-cas does not show any details, it just says no records found..

    Please advice....
  6. hey guys
    i m sponsored by my wife n had my interview last week i cleared it now vo is saying they still have to do some background checks. i had a loan of £8000 frm bank at london n i didnt pay it for 1 year n bank forwarded it to a collection agency i am paying them now i have paid them 3 instalments, i dont have anything property on my name here.....i m worried it will become problem while background check bcoz i have seen a msg tht london vo asked a person n his wife(she was sponser n was in canada) to give them cr check report.....dont know why there might b some problem..... now i m worried abt mine will it b problem during my BC....hey guys plz give me ur advice will tht b a problem.....
  7. Dear all

    October have came the last quater of the year 2011 , hopefully it will be good for Pakistani applicants bcoz we deserve we have waited for too much our files was transfered from CHC islamabad to CHC London in a very long duration . and during that duration our files was not even touched.

    I hope i hope this quater is for Us.

  8. According to information available here on forums.. if u r lucky, u shall get PPR request shortly....
    If there r concerns in security checks with ur name and details, It may take a while then which no one can opine about....
  9. Hi

    As you can see from my timeline we received PER on 26th August 2011 by e-mail stating a 'UCI number' containing eight digits and an 'Application Number' beginning wiih E0000xxxxx. I have tried both to see a status on E-cas but get the same reply "we are unable to identify you with the information you have given and there could be three reasons why".... one about making sure information is entered correctly or service only available to those whose application is in process.....etc..

    my question is....I have applied as FSW2 as an AEO applicant....can anyone give me an indication how long my application may take in probably what to expect at each stage, like when we might expect medicals etc and completion ?

    Also, should I have had some kind of status by now on E-cas...some show RBVO a month after PER.?

    Please can someone advise.

  10. Dear Nectar,

    We have started processing our file September 2008 medicals on23rd april 2011 and reached on 28th april 2011 and still waiting for ppr?

    when do you hope we sholud get our ppr? request

  11. Dear Vivcon, your application was sent first to Sydney in Canada not Sydney in Australia
  12. Hi, how are you doing ?
  13. Dear Nectar,

    Thank you for your update. I have read most of the information that you have posted and must say that you provide more information than my consultant. I received my AOR on 12/8/2008, and it was under a positive AEO. I received a request for update on the documents on 13/1/2009, and after that everything was quiet. Everytime I request for an update they inform me that my file is still under process. As I was not getting anywhere I realised that I needed to see facts on my file from CIC point of view. I therefore requested for my caips notes to see the BF'd date which was suprisingly 9/6/2011. As we are now in the month of October I got worried and therefore sent a followup from my side to CIC-London, and they have not replied to me for over 25 days. I sent them a second message just incase they did not recv my first message, and I still have not received a reply from them. As my case is a priority case, and it has been filed in 2008, and the caips indicate that the file should be re-opened June 2011, is it something to worry about? Could you please give me your opinion of the case? Can the BF'd be revised to show a date in 2012? Let me know on your input.

  14. Guys - Nector is no more posting for sometime now - atleast not with the same name -

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