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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by JI JI IRAWO, Dec 27, 2012.

    – Certified true copies are photocopies of documents certified as true by the institution that issued it or which holds the original or by the government authority responsible for issuing the original (documents certified by judges, magistrates, notary publics, officers of court, commissioners for oaths are NOT acceptable).

    Hello all,
    How true is the above comments in light of somebody trying to migrate to Canada through the Quebec scheme.

    Getting these docs Certified is not easy in Nigeria where i come from, any body with experience to the rescue?
  2. Common what a false impression you are giving here. You can certify your documents with the institution that issued it or you can get a lawyer, commissional of oaths,Notary public to do that for you. I did mine at Ministry of Justices, Alausa Lagos.

  3. What part of nigeria is it difficult to certify documents. Pls post ur question in our mother thread and u will be told what to do.
  4. @ Seglad & Swinglow
    Thanks for your response.
    I am planning to migrate thru the Quebec scheme . My lawyer in canada told me to do certify true copy and NOT to notarize my docs. My first shot was WAEC met serious brickwal and I went to ICAN office same. Pls I will appreciate a call from you guys my email is lekantunji@yahoo.com and on 08033173686

    Thank you
  5. Hi

    You can get certified copy from any of the high courts. You pay a fee per copy certfied, all easy process.
  6. @JI JI IRAWO,

    You may wish to connect with me on : 08033575801. I am also on QSW stream.


  7. Put your question(s) on the nigeria trend, you will recieve more response(s)

  8. My bros, remember i said that the latest requirement forbids Notary public's signature on the copied docs
  9. You can take the documents to the issuance authority to certify them. All my certificates were certified with the institutions that issued them, few of my documents were certified with the ministry of Justice lagos, Alausa
  10. Thank u , pls if u dont mind can i get ur number, mine is 0702501972.I will like to ask how to go about it in Alausa.

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