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CEC class immigration questions

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by tonyvisa, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I am on a Post Graduation work permit expires on June 12, 2011. Also i am on Employment Insurance since April 2010 since i got lay off from my company. I have applied for immigration in CEC class about 2 weeks ago.
    Does my EI status will affect the immigration?

    Also what should I do after my work permit expires so that I can still stay in Canada.

    What if my immigration gets rejected in CEC, can I apply in skilled worker as well at the same time my CEC file in process?

  2. It is something I have always wondered about. However taking an educated guess, I suspect it might be a potential problem. Even though employment insurance might seem like a right because after all you worked hard, paid your taxes and got ei premiums deducted from your pay cheque. Moreover it's still the Canadian government that bears the burden and still somewhat of a privilege depending on how you views things. The tricky part of migrating to Canada via streams like this, is that you have to prove that you can establish yourself economically without being a burden to the Canadian government. Being on EI does not send that message across to immigration. What it tells them is that you are finding it difficult to make establish yourself (or adapt) and their government has to pay for it. They are looking for contributors to their economy not dependants on their social structures keep that in mind.But my final advice is to pay a small fee for an immigration consultation.
  3. As long as you had enough working hours to qualify for CEC, you don't have to be working any more at the time you apply. You could even have left Canada and applied from your homeland. It will not affect your application. What happens when your PG work permit expires is that unless you apply for something else, you have 90 days to restore your status or leave Canada.

    If you do find a job before it expires, you could ask the employer to apply for an LMO so you can get a regular work permit. If you don't find a job or can't get a regular work permit, you can ask to change your status to visitor. I assume you would have to show that you have enough money to support yourself in that case. You could also look into applying for a student visa again.
  4. Thank you Mr.Leon

    I have 14 months of experience. So should I continue taking the EI or should I cancel that so that when they opened my file they don't see any EI.

    How much time does the LMO take to get approved?

    Thank you
  5. You can continue taking EI. It does not affect your application. It is your right because you paid into the system.

    I am not sure on the current processing time for LMO's. Sometimes people have gotten them in a few weeks and sometimes they take longer. Instead of worrying about processing time for LMO's, you should be worrying about finding the employer who is going to apply for it for you.

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