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Canadian/US dual citizen moving back to Canada

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by canuck7777, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. I am Canadian born, living in the USA.....now a dual citizen of both countries. I have lived here with my American husband for 12 years. If I wanted to live in Canada again and work, what do I have to do...is there now a wait time for me as far as being able to apply for a job there...do I have to file any forms to be able to work there again....what about Medicare medical coverage. Also, how would my husband, eventually, be able to move there if he did not have an employer sponsor.
  2. Are you a Permanent Resident of the USA or did you become a Citizen? I guess that would be the first question...

    If you are a PR of the USA, then Canada is still your home country and there shouldn't be much paperwork, if any to allow you to move back. As a PR of the USA, you would not be considered a Dual Citizen... As I understand it, if you had/have children that were born in the USA, they would have dual citizenship... As a Citizen of Canada, your husband would have to apply for Permanent Residency with you as a sponsor, unless he is able to get a work visa and has an employer sponsor him.
  3. I'm a Canadian citizen by birth....moved to the USA 12 years ago and married my American husband. Since that time, I have become a US citizen. So, I am now a dual citizen....of Canada and USA. I just want to know if I move back to Canada, what do I have to do to be able to work there. Do I have to file paperwork, etc? I think I have to live there a certain amount of time to receive Medicare coverage again.... Would any of this affect my USA citizenship?
  4. Since you are a citizen, just move back here, apply for a job and if you get accepted start working.
  5. Hi

    1. Nothing, just get a SIN card at Service Canada office, and you are ready to go. Just have proof of your citizenship and an address.
    2. Medicare depends on the province, most have a 3 month waiting period for coverage.
    3. Has no effect on you US citizenship.
    4. A question though, is it your intention to sponsor your spouse?

  6. No...I was not really thinking of sponsoring him. I was hoping he would be able to find a job in his field in my home province. I know without an employer sponsoring him, he would have to file for a green card, etc....and that would take some time.
    Thank you everyone, for your help..... :)
  7. Hi

    Better that you sponsor him. See: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/sponsor/spouse.asp better chance of a positive outcome.


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