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Canadian local and foreign office workers on strike !

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Hasni, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Important:

    Several of Canada’s largest foreign missions are among those effected by the strike including London, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. Immigration officers in some of Canada’s largest processing centres in China and India also walked out.

    This strike alert can be seen live at

  2. Hoooo my god . Passports / Pcc / Additional documents submitted to NDVO!!!!!!! our MEDICALS Expires on Sept 8`th 2013......hence if this strike goes on we won`t get Decision Made too.

  3. looks like there vl be an indefinite delay due to the strike, for all the categories!!!! bad time!!!

    Seniors- please give your suggestions here, has this happened earlier, what is the expected time delay??

    Will the new applications sent after May 4th will even be processed? or the old backlogs cleared first?

    Kindly throw your views
  4. Any updates regarding this?! Are the Canadian officers still on strike?
  5. Strike still in progress, no positive signs of an end to this strike. Done Medicals & passports submmited to NDVO 10 months back , our medicals expires on september 8'th 2013. yet no DM or an e case status update except an in process case status since 1 year . Felt like I spoiled my life thinking of this Canadian Immigration.Erasing Canadian dreams from our heart too.

  6. i feel so sorry for your situation, wish things get settled before meds expire. Doesn't look appropriate for them (VO) keeping our PPs for that long a period. They should try to return them as early as they can. A person like me working overseas and who has to travel frequently can't imagine such a scenario with his PPs held by VO for so long. There is definitely some hitch in their process, PPs should only be asked for once all is set, and they just need to stamp the visa. I hope you don't have a complicated travel history.
  7. Dear Sir

    This is legal strike that is done by CBA , and this strike can be called back by the union only. No court of law can order them to come back on work. Only Parliament in their regular session can instruct them to finish their strike. At present Canadian Parliament is on her Summer Vacations and will come back in September 2013.

    DO not worry , I personally believe that keeping in view this strike , they will give you one time extension of medical for 3 to 6 months.

    Stay blessed

    Kind Regards
  8. Dear Sir,
    Till September-2013 we are not able to do anything and just behave like a toy and wait that parliament will be given an order to that psfao that go and work. any latest information from your reliable source regarding this matter then please share this on wall.
  9. The London office resumed withdrawal of service today. They have not been on continual withdrawal and were working at full strength as of last week.

  10. today my friend received a medical from LVO .........so no strike is there .........
  11. thats encouraging, awai..how long after submitting the updated forms did your friend get MR ! Any idea and how about your own case..still waiting I guess :)
  12. He got medical after six month after updated doc. his visa officer is Lura Mcleod .....same as your and mine......and i have waited for 4 month after updating but trends shows have to wait at 2 months more......
  13. yes you are ahead of me by a month or so, I pray you get some good news in this blessed month of Ramadan. Did you try an email lately to LM !

  14. Actually i understand the trends over forum and from friends ........i really avoid to do email to CIC till date i sent only one email.....so .......

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