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Canadian embassy in UAE.

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by ahmedj83, May 7, 2009.

  1. last week i sent all my documents ( for student visa). i answered all the questions in the form and mentioned honestly for one of the questions ( that i have applied for FSW a year ago and i was not successful). i also showed good amount of money....i showed 34,000 dollars , but in the total sum i was supposed to show around 34,500 dollars.....

    also i filled the supplementary form, which shows that all my family members resides in the UAE since 1989, and not in our home country. obviously i have no ties to UAE, nor to my home country (Sudan).

    do you think that will get the application to be rejected, (due to not enough funds....ties to home...........etc..).

    what do you think?
  2. Don't worry man depend on god only and he will help you .

    First time i applied for a student visa from my country of nationality and i got refused after 30 min interview at the embassy with a very bad visa officer and the reasons were :

    You have not satisfied me that you are a bona fide student.

    You have not satisfied me that you will leave canada at the end of period authorized stay.

    And i had a refusal stamp from the USA embassy on that passport and the visa officer was very concerned about it and he said why should i give you the visa when the USA embassy has rejected you !!!!!

    After 2 years i applied again from another country where i was working for two years and i applied again to the canadian embassy for a student visa and i got it without any interview. Just i sent my passport with the application forms and supporting documents to the embassy and they sent it back to me stamped with the student visa after 35 days thanks god. and now i have been living in canada one year ago

    So don't worry and you will get it god willing

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