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Canadian Citizenship Through Marriage

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by ClaytonB543, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Hello there! I am a native-born US citizen and I recently got married to a good ol' Canadian gal :)

    We're living in the US and she is in the process of becoming a citizen of the US. My school and eventually my job (Doctor) would not exactly allow me to live in Canada for a certain amount of days (I think it's like 1000 days). I read some where that I can own land in Canada and this would constitute for the living requirement. Anyone have information on this? We do visit her family a lot, and it does get annoying being restricted by the legal restraints of a Passport (ie: only so much time allowed abroad). Anyone heard of this? Or have any information of whether or not it is possible to become a citizen without truly living there for a rather long period of time?

    Thanks :)
  2. You can't get Canadian citizenship directly through marriage. If you marry a Canadian citizen, that citizen can sponsor you for permanent residency. Once you become a PR and have to physically lived in Canada for three out of four years, you will qualify to apply for citizenship. You need three actual years of physical residency to qualify. Owning land doesn't count.

    The only way to become a citizen without spending a lot of time in Canada is to be born here. Otherwise Canada expect you to make a strong commitment to the country in exchange for citizenship (it's a privilege, not a right).
  3. There is actually an exception if the Canadian spouse works outside Canada for the Canadian government, a provincial government or the military. If that was the case, days spent with your spouse would be counted towards citizenship, otherwise no.

    First she'd have to sponsor you for PR though. That doesn't happen automatically. A PR is kind of like the US green card. Days spent with your Canadian spouse abroad count towards the residency requirements for PR no matter who your spouse works for so if you get your PR, you would not lose it for staying outside Canada too long as long as you stay with your wife.
  4. Ah ok. I'll do some research on the PR aspect. Thanks :)
  5. Start by reading the first post here:


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