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Canadian Bank Account

Discussion in 'Canadian Finance and Taxation' started by DandJ, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Can I open a Canadian Bank Account from the UK while waiting on my Visa for PR?

    Would this be a good thing to do?

    Many Thanks
  2. It would be difficult, since they want to see your signature, and you must provide several types of ID. No benefit that I can see. I researched the bank and the type of account online, told the bank by phone what I wanted, set an appointment, and in a 30-minute meeting I got everything done including debit card.
  3. Yes, you can. Quite easily.



    However, HSBC and others operate similarly. Choose newcomers from the site.
  4. Interesting, Whoopi.

    But I note that one must go to a lawyer who in effect certifies the authenticity of the client's ID, in English. But if you are in a country where English is not the functioning language (Costa Rica and China, for example), and where lawyers and notaries may not certify foreign documents (my situation in China), it would be much easier to avoid all this process and wait until landing in Canada. Again, a 30-minute meeting was all it took when I went to the bank in person in Canada.

    All one has to do in advance is ask the originating bank how to make a transfer of money, from Canada, once the new account has been opened. The bank may baulk, but will expedite whatever paperwork is required when you insist.
  5. Once again Toby, yes I agree, if one is in Costa Rica etc. However, the OP is in the UK and I answered that question specifically.

    As I only have "official knowledge" of the UK and US systems (legal with a little business etc), I generally only respond to that of which I have specific knowledge. Sorry my posts entice you to disagree.
  6. I wasn't trying to disagree, or be disagreeable for that matter, Whoopi. Sorry if I left that impression. I did not realize that your answer was specific to the UK -- which makes sense now that I re-read the original post and note that the person is in the UK.

    My intent was to point out that the sensible way is sometimes complicated by the customs of the country one happens to live in, and in that case it is better to set up bank transfers etc in advance, in the home country, and wait until coming to Canada to open a new bank account.

    Nada más, senorita, nada más.
  7. What is the problem with HSBC?
    I'd like to hear any feed back on HSBC Passport.

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