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Canada W-1 Visa query

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by vishug30, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have just received my canadian W-1 work Visa whose validity is from 1st May 2011 to 15th July 2011.. These are also my employment dates. I have got a multiple entry Visa. though i'll enter canada once around 6th May, but as my employment ends on 15th july, i have to leave canda after that i.e around 16th July as there r no evening flights to INDIA on 15th( i am a citizen of india). Now what should i do.. my transit is through frankfurt which wont let me transit without a valid visa..:'(
    please help
    is it ok to leave canada after visa expiry
  2. Depends on the length of time granted you at your port of entry. If it is co terminus with your visa then you must leave by that date, but normally the poe officer grants a WP equivalent to the length of time specified on your work contract. The visa validity is the time when you can enter Canada, the latest date being July 15.

  3. my work permit ends with my visa.. altogether my visa expires 15th july.. can i request the canadian High commission (in india)to extend my visa for 3 days or i'll have to go through the whole visa extension process.. or shud i ask my employer in canada to talk to the canadian immigration offices (in canada)...please help
    about what can be done.
    @job_seeker ..thanks and help :)
  4. Also,
    whether it is possible to apply for 2 days extension while i am in canada or i have to do it now from india itself..
    do visa authorities accept change in visa dates?
  5. Do you already have a work permit?

  6. I received my visa today..no work permit as i am a guest research student so my offer letter says 15th july..so the work permit shall be till 15th july as well...
  7. You actually don't know that for sure. Anyway, one way to go about it would be to apply for extension once in Canada. You'd be on implied status while waiting for the response so you can book a flight not passing thru Frankfurt. Would cost you $75. Keep copies of the application and the receipt should you want to leave before you get the response from CPC-V.
  8. I have a valid canadian VISA while coming from india to canada via frankfurt, so not a problem in transit..
    problem is while returning from canada to india... i cannot leave canada before 16th.. flights via USA or Europe are only cheap(still alot)..
    Rest of the flights are very rare and expensive, and i cannot afford them..
    so, i need a transit visa anyhow or a valid canadian visa..

    Is there a process in which i can plead the consulate to extend my visa expiry just for 3 days..else i would incur a lot of loss..

    Also m returning to home country.. Is a transit visa still required?? ( i think it is, whats ur say?)
  9. Hi

    How you could get the W1 visa, please let me know that,

    I have received Job offer letter from One Company from Canda and they offer me W1 visa so please let me know that

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