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can we stay in canada if PR card is expired?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by prak11, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    1) Is it LEGAL to stay in canada if the PR card has expired?
    2) Can we LEGALLY work in canada even if the PR card has been expired?
    3) What happens if a cop catches you for a speeding and asks for PR card and sees that it has expired?is this a problem?Whenever we apply for anything(like a job) that requires us to show PR card and if it has expired will it be a problem?
    4) Even if the PR card has expired, can we legally stay for 2 years and then apply PR card renewal and get it renewed?when applying for PR reneal even if the immigration people come to know I had overstayed my PR time in order to get the 2 years will it be an issue?
    5) is it true that once you are inside canada and your PR has expired, you CANNNOT be LEGALLY asked to leave?You can continue to stay for 2 years and renew the PR

    Those who know answers to these questions, please respond. Lot of them are looking for answers to these questions

  2. Hi

    1. Yes
    2. Yes.
    3. They won't ask, and employer will probably only ask for a valid SIN.
    4. Yes, CIC only looks back 5 years from the date you apply .
    5. No, if you are investigated by CBSA and it is determined that you didn't meet the residency requirements, then they will report you.
  3. Under what circumstances would one be investigated by CBSA while staying within Canada?
  4. Hi

    The do inland investigations, based on tips, raids on business that they think may have "illegals" , police information and it is possible to just "stumble" on someone. It is not usual for Investigations to get a phone call from Police to check on someone status. They also go through the court records of charges daily.
  5. Yeah...right.
  6. I have sent my PR application for renewal and when I had sent it, the processing time indicated 67 days...it is now over 210 days.... My car expires in 15 days and I have business trips outside Canada in a month. What should i do???? What can I do before I leave?
  7. You can always apply for a PR travel document outside Canada when you re-enter
  8. HOw are you supposed to get an SIN number with an invalid/expired PR card?
  9. The first thing most people do when they become a PR is get a SIN number. So once you have that number, it doesn't expire, even if your PR card does.

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