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Can My Husband live in Canada while waiting for PR

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by canadian carolyn, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I am a Canadian who will marry a Scotsman in July-(in Scotland) I will be returning to Canada after the wedding--We will then apply for his Canadian Citizenship (spousal sponsorship by me) I am wondering if he can live in Canada while waiting for his permanent residency status? We are wondering what the most efficient route would be? Does he have to wait in Scotland?
    We would love to be living together as soon as possible but do not want to prolong the process in any way if we can avoid it.
    Would that effect his application in anyway? make it a longer process or wait time ? Does it make any difference in the length of time it takes to process the application where he lives? Can he apply for a temporary work visa and live in Canada while we wait for PR?
    Can you give me a time frame of how long the process might take? assuming all our documents and applications are complete and in order of course :)
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide us with.
    (PMM can you please advise if you read this)
  2. Hi

    1. If he is admitted as a visitor, his PR application can be processed through London, although if an interview is required it would be in London. The processing of the sponsorship takes about 36 days in Mississauga and then 3-9 months in London. He can't work/attend school until he receives PR status.
    2. If he is admitted as a visitor, you could process an "in-Canada" spousal application through Vegreville. Processing time now is 5/6 months at Vegreville and then transferred to a local CIC for final decision and "landing" You should note if you are residing in the Greater Toronto area, he could be waiting months for the "landing" due to the volume. He would include an open work permit request with the application to Vegreville, and once he receives Approval in Principle (AIP) at the 5/6 month mark he would be sent an open work permit allowing him to work.
    3. You should note that there is no guarantee that he will be admitted as a visitor.
    4. Once you decide where the application is going to be processed, he should immediately (like now) start getting his Police Clearance Certificates from every country where he has lived since turning 18 for 6 months or more. He should also have his medical exam, as you have to inclose the receipt portion with the sponsorship/application. Note you have to know where you want the application processed. If London, the medical goes to London, if Vegreville, it goes to Ottawa. Ensure the DMP knows this.

  3. Thanks for the info PMM.
    If you could please answer a few more of my questions I would appreciate it.
    You referred to being admitted as a visitor---how is this done? does he apply for a visa? what is the process involved?
    You also mentioned about deciding where to apply London vs. Vegreville---
    what are the pros or cons of applying to either place?
    and finally what does "DMP" stand for?
    I live in PEI---does that makes any difference in where I apply?
  4. Hi

    He arrives at the Port of Entry, and if the Immigration Officer decides that his true intention is to remain permanently, he can be refused admission. DMP , Designated Medical Practitioner. The Dr. that you have to attend for the medical. As I said, if it is an outside application, everything goes to Mississauga, inside Vegreville. Where you live makes no difference, except if it an in-Canada landing, it would be done at the closest CIC. There used to be an office in PEI, I don't know if it is still open.

  5. As a scotsman he is visa excempt, all he needs is his passport. The point is that when he arrives he should state that he is here on a visit only and will exit the country as required. Be truthfull and show enough funds to maintain himself while here.

    He is only admited for 6 months and cannot work or study. It is very important he not overstay or work illegaly as it will impact his PR negatively

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