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can mechanical engineer apply as welder

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by dalbir_aydee, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. hi there,

    I have done B.E.(Mechanical). I applied for Canadian PR in 2006. No correspondence is done afterwards.

    I went to Australia in 2008 on spouse visa (my wife studied MPA/MBA there). During my 2 years stay in Australia, I worked as a welder for 1 year.

    We came back to India after 2 years in 2010. In India, I joined my family business related to welding.

    I want to know can I apply as a welder for Canada, as Mechanical Engineers are not in demand list and my file decision is still pending (as a Mechanical Engineer).

    any help will be appreciable.
  2. Not really,

    A huge difference in ur education vs job. VO wont be convinced by ur application

    God Bless,
  3. Yes!!!

    If you have performed the duties of a welder as per HRDC's website, and can provide the proof of ur experience as welder, you are good to go.


  4. Thanks for your help friends

    How can we prove that I am working as a welder as it's my family business and it is not a big firm.

    funny thing is i am really working as a welder and don't know how to prove it.

    thanks for your valuable time and suggestion
  5. That does not Matter Dalbir Ji...................whether your firm is Big or Small, the main thing matters is working duities and as you have done work there as a WELDER and even you degree of mechanical engineer includes the welding content, so that does not mean that if someone has done a B.Tech, then that person can not work as a welder, you have joined your family firm for your livinghood, so I hope you can apply as a welder that should not be an issue.

    WHAT YOU GUYS SUGGEST.....................

    Your friends and Beer Partner........

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