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can i work if im under tourist visa? pls help...

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by cutex79, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. hello everyone...would like to ask your opinions and suggestions...

    im here in ontario, Canada under a tourist visa....can i work here legally if ill have an employer who can sponsor me and give/assist me to get a work permit?...is that possible?...im a nurse back home and i find Canada as the place that would give me a better future and a better place to live in......pls enlighten me on what are the possibilities regarding my status......thanks for those who will respond!
  2. Hi

    You need a LMO, then you require a medical (if it is nursing your applying for) and only then can you apply for a work permit to an office outside Canada. You can't apply for it at port of entry if you require a medical or a TRV.

  3. thanks PMM.....so u mean i have to go back to my homeland? i dont have a US visa so i cant do that in buffalo..am i right? ..thanks...
  4. Cutex,

    You can send your application to Buffalo or Detroit. I sent mine to Detroit and am schedule for an interview. I do not have a US visa as well so I will be getting one.

    Good luck!
  5. hi babycakes!

    so your here in canada now? how to get a US visa if im here..they said..i have to go back home and apply a visa there...what will be your job? pls help me..thanks thanks.....
  6. No you do not have to go back to the Philippines. I just got a schedule for a US visa interview on the 31st of August and my TWP interview in Detroit is in September. As long as you have a valid status in Canada you can apply for a US visa. My TWP interview schedule was originally on the 26th of August but I requested the Conuslate in Detroit to have it moved in September since I have yet to apply for a US tourist visa. The Consulate was considerate enough to grant my request and had informed me to wait for the new appointment letter with the schedule in the mail.

    There is no guarantee that you will be approved for a US visa but you might as well try it. I think as long as you have a proof (ie interview appointment letter from the Consulate), then it should be good.

  7. thanks for the info babycakes! God bless...hoping and praying that you'll get your US visa and your TWP...Good luck....and i'll try what u are doing too...
  8. Thank you. Make sure your employer is willing to get an LMO for you. The entire process is stressful though. You will need a lot of strength and patience.

    Good luck to you!
  9. i just want to add some info on getting us visa.We try to get a tourist visa when we are now here in canada,we are holding a visa as a trv as a hotel worker,were been in us for 2 years in h2b visa before we came here in canada,we thought that it would be easy for us to apply for tourist bec we establish ourself of not staying there for good,but unfortunately they ask us to go back to your own country and apply there.Just pray for positive result maybe its case to case basis.GOODLUCK

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