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Buying a car in a province other than the one I live in

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by abelkwh, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Can anyone provide advice on this issue: I am going to buy a car from Calgary or Alberta and then drive to another province, say Sakastchewan to use and register there later. What can i do in the meantime, when i purchase the car, since there is a need for insurance after i purchase the car. What are the procedures to take to get temporary insurance in Calgary or Alberta while i drive back to SK, since SK has licence registration and insurance tied in together when i get the licence done in SK but in Alberta, the insurance for cars are done privately by the buyer. Does anyone know if i can get temporary insurance for 1 month or shorter period after i purchase the car and then drive back to SK and then register there and get the new licence plate and insurance from SK.

    Thanks for any valuable advice or anyone who has bought a car elsewhere in canada from another province to another province.
  2. If Sask is your final destination why would u like to buy the car in Calgary, if I may ask? The process would be lot easier in the place of stay, isn't it*? What with after sales service, guarantee/warantees etc, besides the paperworks.

    *Unless the difference in price runs to a few thousands.
  3. Yes, indeed the price difference does run into a couple of thousand and also i am not buying brand new cars so it doesnt really matter which city i get my car from.

    I have checked the prices of the same car and same yr and same model with the different provinces and apparently there are indeed price differences for most model of cars. The cheapest places getting used cars would be Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, BC, then Manitoba and SK. Thats the reason i aint buying the car in SK and also i do have friends n relatives in Calgary and also dealers there have told me how to get it done, its pretty easy actually.

    For those who would be doing the same as me, u can simply go to the local insurance of yr city or province, get an insurance agent to issue a temporary insurance and fax it to the dealer and then u can drive it back to yr city and have it checked, and then register in the province u want to register it in.

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