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Applying PR in Canada

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by johnsp333, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Hi All
    I am woking here in Canada, i wanted to know whether it is possible to apply for PR in canada, while i am working here.
    And i need to know how long it will take to get my PR??
    I am working here in Software Industry, i have come from India. I landed canada on June 1st 2006. I am here in Long term WP and which will get expiry on 20th April 2007, i am in the process of applying for extension of my WP too.

    Same case for my spouse too, she is in Open Spousal work permit and she is working currently, but she landed canada on 28th July 2006.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi

    1. You have to apply at an office outside Canada.
    2. Since you were admitted for less than a year, you cannot apply to Buffalo, but must apply to the office responsible for usual place of residence.

  3. in which province you are working ?
  4. Hello All (PMM),

    It is a very new information about this one year requirement ??? I landed canada in may 06. I have wp till aug. 07. I want to apply for PR, can I do it or not ??

    Please reply.

    PMM i will appreciate ur inputs in my case. I got wp extended one time also.
  5. HI

    1. If you are admitted to Canada for a year, then you can apply either to Buffalo as well as to the office that handles the country of your normal residence. Note the word is ADMITTED, you don't have to be in Canada for a year to apply.
    2. If you apply to Buffalo, you should be aware that if you require a US visa to attend an interview in the US and you don't have one, it is very unlikely US Immigration will issue one.
    3. Also the processing in Buffalo will most likely be longer than their quoted times, as they will have to the office responsible for your home country verify your documents, and that takes time.

  6. Hi PMM,

    It is a tricky terminlogoy admitted.. !!!

    any ways I landed in May 06 and have wp till aug. 07 and I am n Canda only now. Tell me whether I can apply at buffallo or not ??
  7. Hi

    You weren't "landed" that is for permanent residents, if you were admitted on May/06 how long was your document issued for? If it was valid to Aug/07 then you can apply to Buffalo. Note the processing times for Buffalo, will you be in Canada that long? Do you have a US visa?

  8. Hi PMM,

    My visa valid till aug. 07 and I can extend my employment and stay longer if I want. already I am in second year extension, Is there any restriction (limitation to extension) to extend work visa in canada

    Hope I will have USVis by that time.. Do I need to take care of anything.. ?

    regarding the language proficiency, as I am working in Canada, my employer can provide some documents on my language skills.. Will it work ? do you have any inputs on this. Do you have any formats for this. Pleaselet mek onw

    Thanks for all your guidance.
  9. Hi

    Unless you grew up in an English speaking country, your home language and work and school was all in English, CHC is most likely going to request the IELTS results. Most office no longer accept the written statement of english proficiency as at interview too many applicants claiming a high proficiency in English had a less than claimed and it appears that someone other than the applicant had completed the documentation to prove their language ability.
  10. Hi PMM or someone,

    I have a permanent offer in Canada, how to get validated by HRSDC .. Let me know the procedure and howlong it takes ?

    Please reply. Thanks in advance.

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