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applying for student permit while waiting for permanent residence approval?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by i_am_hugh, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,
    My wife and I recently sent off her application for permanent residence. The processing times for her permanent residence to be approved range from 4 months to around 14, with most cases being processed later rather than sooner. My wife has been looking into applying to a massage therapy school in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but we are unsure if she will have to wait until she becomes a permanent resident to apply, or if it's possible for her to obtain a student visa while her PR application is being processed. The Immigration Canada website indicated that the criteria for being awarded a student permit include convincing the immigration officer she intends to leave Canada once her studies are complete, which would be difficult considering her prior application. Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter? We would greatly appreciate any advice you could offer.

    Many thanks

  2. Your student visa will be rejected for sure if you already applied for PR as far as I have heard(many many cases got rejected for the US and Canada) since they think your student visa is an excuse to enter Canada and you are unable to satisfy the condition for student visa which states that you must return to your home country after the completion of your studies.

    But you might want to consult someone who knows better.
  3. HMD,

    I disagree with qaiser, I am aware of many people who have applied for their PR and then after applied for their student visa and was successful. I also was told that from some who is working in the embassy, that both processes are separate and apart from each other.

    So go ahead and apply, just make sure that you provide all the documents they are asking for the student visa. The number one reason for rejection is lack of funds.
  4. Hi.........I am passing through the same scenario and I had discussed with some of the experienced professionals about this situation....... You can definitely apply for the visa and you can get it just you have to be confident that you will leave Canada after your studies.......

    What Marylou told you is true that both the visas are processed in different and they have no concern from each other........ I emailed embassy to confirm this and they told me that both process are different so you even have to submit all the documents again........ if they were linked together, chc would have probably extracted your submitted documents and processed them........... so no worries.........
  5. i have 2 PR applications in pipeline.. one in 2007 and one filed this may .under fast track,

    in july i applied for study visa. and on 22nd of august got it..

    u will get it .all the best
  6. I work with someone whose brother obtained a study permit while his PR application (family class) was being processed. He received his study permit this month. So yes - it is possible. However I have also heard some stories about people being turned down.
  7. ppl do get turned down.. just remember.. dont hide the fact in study visa app that u have PR application in process.

    all wil be well
  8. I have applied for PR and my daughter got her student visa this month. Actually I have heard that in some universities PR applicants and their dependents have to pay domestic fees only. Is this true. Any idea.
  9. if ur PR is under process.. u or ur dependents have to pay intl student diffrential fee.. as soon as u and ur dependents get pr u tell the uni and stant payin domestic fee
  10. I have a PR application is under process and if it is refused, then what is the chance of getting a stident permit??

  11. @ faisal124....... Immigration section and student visa section are 2 different independent process........ they do not effect one another...... i hope you got your answer....
  12. Hi

    I'd like to ask a question here.

    I applied for a PR to Canada recently. My husband and I don't want to be away from each other that long and we're trying to think on something we can do to accelerate the process.

    We were thinking on me going to school in Canada. International student fees are expensive but it doesnt matter, we will be together and also makes no sense to pursue more education in Colombia when most of the times the diploma wont be valid there.

    We met a couple living in Quebec who after applying for the PR applied for a visitors visa *saying they just wanted to see how she will adapt there, to meet his family and a bunch of reasons to be together but stating they will respect the law and she will leave in order to keep the PR process going on.

    I know they want ties to the home country, but makes no sense to have ties if Im telling them I'll be living in Canada soon...

    If I get accepted, we have the funds for the school, we get a return ticket and we say I wont overstay and I wont, do you think theres any chance we will get it?

    Other members here said dont even bother, but I dont want to give up. I need to be with him and I see it also as a good opportunity to adapt and to have something valuable to contribute with to the Canadian society.

  13. Hi,

    Is there any chance for a spousal sponsorship case rejected on first time. Re applied file again for the second time with more proofs. In the mean while trying for students visa and getting it ? What are my wifes chances ? My present situation is I am living together with my wife for 6 months out of Canada after her rejection. My file is in NewDelhi office for last 3 months but no reply. I am Canadian citizen and my parents are in Canada too.

    Thanks for any advise.

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