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application status-manila embassy

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Neilda Duenas, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. ;)hi,i just want to ask for an advise of how will im going to follow up my pending application to Canadian Embassy here in Manila,.I applied as Federal Skilled Worker Type A and as of now i haven't received yet decision from the embassy.I already completed my requirements,have my file number already,passed the IELTS,and have my documents submitted to them since Dec.of 2009.For your info,i also went thru a representative, immigrant concultancy agency in particulars,and they're the one who inform me that my application still for review.How long will i wait for the decision?I understand that it only takes 6 months to know the status?what will i gonna do?what will be the next step after this?and will it be better if i will directly contact the Canadian Embassy here in Manila or will i still wait for my representative to inform me about this?please advise.thanks!

  2. hi , you have 3 solutions:

    1- case specific enquiry to embassy.
    2- order caips notes .
    3- wait & watch & pray .
  3. Hi there,

    How to order CAIPS? And what's the benefit of CAIPS? Do we pay for it?
  4. you can order CAIPS only if you are in Canada. if you're not but you have a relative residing in Canada, you can ask them to order it for you. CAIPS shows the notes made on your case, so you'll know what has happened to it so far and may be the reason why it's taking so long. It takes one month before CIC can send your CAIPS to you. If you are neither of the above I mentioned, there are companies that can order it for you but at a much higher price (CAD 5 if you do it yourself or a relative/friend). you can search this forum for more info on that, use keyword CAIPS.
    I hope I was able to help, I'm not an expert or claiming to be. I got this info from reading different threads in this forum. best of luck to all.
  5. HI

  6. you can read through this thread, there's a lot of info regarding CAIPS and how to order them

  7. No worries.. If your documents are complete, you dont have to be worried. One year processing of my application ends last Sept 28,2010. Until now haven't receive my passport.. my agent said that the embassy must be committed in one year processing.. but i think its a case to case basis.. God bless..
  8. How long did it take for the Canadian Embassy to contact you again after paying the "rights to permanent residence" fee?

    I have already paid the visa processing fee and the "rights to permanent residence" fee by mid of 2010. But until now I haven't heard from the embassy.

    I don't know how to follow up with my application. :(


  9. I think CAIPS is more advisible if your ecas is already in IP, for now I beleive you can send them an inquiry email on your case.
  10. I think you can send them an inquiry email.

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