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Amman - Spousal Since January 2012 or Late 2010

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by KhalidIraq, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. hi mr mohammed . Wallah there is nothing to share (no PR ) the only thing we have to do is waiting .maybe one of us hear good news in the end of this month or the begining of April ان شاء الله خير والجميع يسمعون اخبار حلوة
  2. middle march was pretty quiet and still is. Maybe next month
  3. hi all, does the cic web site update the status of an application often? i am asking this beacause the amman VO office did not say anyting about receiving our application!! does that happens often?

    thank you!

  4. When I got my Sponsor Evaluation Approval.. they sent a letter saying they have sent our application file to Amman. But we didn't hear anything from them that it has been received or they have it. The letter just stated that if we had any problems or concerns, to notify them. :(
  5. hiii all , we all waiting the golden email ::) ::),my expectation that we getting the pr on Thursday or next week maybe 27-28-29 of March ;D ;D ;D
  6. ameen ya rab
  7. inshallah
  8. Inshallah every one hears good news very soon ya Rab
  9. hey everyone,
    my wife went to Jordan to do the medicals ( the second time) and after the medical exam, the doctor did not give anything back to my wife to take the embassy. can anyone tell me if they received something to take to the embassy after they have done the medicals
  10. hi kurd . I think the doctor should give you a green paper im not sure about that . BTW did the embassy asked you to redoing the medical or you did it without asking .
  11. My wife received an email saying to redo the medicals, and thye attached the medical papers for her to print it and bring it with her to the embassy, she is there now and did the med exam but she did not get the green paper like the first time she did
  12. Inshallah ya rab

  13. for the second time, she won't get any paper back, the doctor sends everything to teh embassy, don't worry this is the new way of doing the 2nd medical exam...teh same thing happend with my wife in her 2nd medical, she didnt recived anything back, she got an emil from the embassy with the attached form and her picture, and thats all she needed to redo the exam, and the doctor said he will send everything by himself, and it was all right
  14. Thanks mohammedm, one more question for you, how long did she redo the medicals and did you get any other good news since?
  15. Ladies & gentleman the wait is over for us !!! We got ppr...

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