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Advise please, Form IMM5476(use of representative) requested when there's none!

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by HugoRien, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I would like to have some advice on the following issue.

    We submitted all the application forms together a while ago, today we received a letter stating the following:

    The form "Use of a Representative" (IMM5476) was not submitted with your application.
    However, based on a review of the format and content of the documentation that you have provided with your application, we are concerned that an agent has represented, advised or consulted with you.

    The letter then goes on and mention about regulation and the consequences of misrepresentation.

    We never had any intent on having a representative, we filled all the forms by ourselves.

    What should we do? I was wondering if it would just be safer to just put any representative such as the sponsor's parents.

    Could this be because in another form we checked something referring to the "use of a representative" by accident? If so which form would that be?

    Did anyone have same issue before?

    Many thanks,

  2. Did you take copies of everything you sent to CIC?
    If yes, then check the copies.
  3. Sponsor can also be the representative, but yeah as suggested by Baloo check your copies first if you have them. If not then I guess send the form in.
  4. If you did not have a representative, write them back and inform them of this fact.
  5. Hello,

    Sponsor can be the representative, is this true? I wasn't sure of this.

  6. I have sponsored my wife and I am her representative, I have asked for status updates, ordered Caips notes based on that form.
  7. Did you send them a letter explaining you didn't have any representative?
  8. It also dosent make sense to me because I also didn't have any representative, and on my GMCS note it indicate that the form IMM5476 is missing and they will request it from me late on...
  9. Yes absolutely, that's what we did. Just in case I needed to contact CIC on behalf of wife, which is easier to do from inside Canada. If you're not an authorized representative, CIC will NOT speak to you about the applicant's application, EVEN though you are the sponsor.

    Just curious, from what VO did this letter (posted by OP) originate?

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