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Additional family information (IMM 5406)

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Scarecrow02, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. I am applying for PR on a Spousal Sponsorship. My wife lives in Canada and I live in the U.S. I have most of the paper work filled out but am confused about the Additional Family Information form. I have no children and my spouse is Canadian. Do I still put her on the Additional Family Information form as my spouse and fill out the rest of the form with my family information? Also, am I the only one that needs to fill out this form?

    I also have a question about the Additional Dependants form. I have no dependants so do I just write NA on the form and mail it anyway? I don't want to leave anything in loose ends, lol.

  2. This is the instruction from the cic.gc.ca site. I am not sure if this form applies to me since I am immigration alone. Do I only need to fill this out if other family members are going accompany me?
    Additional family information (IMM 5406)

    Who needs to fill out this application form?

    This form must be completed by:
    •You, as the principal applicant,
    •Your spouse or common-law partner (whether accompanying you to Canada or not), and
    •Your dependent children aged 18 or over (whether accompanying you to Canada or not).
  3. YES include it! I was thinking my husband wouldn't need it but it turns out he does. So do include it. Put your parents names and info on there and your siblings if you have any. If you don't, make sure to put N/A.
  4. Thanks for the response. The form reads like it applies to applicants that want to immigrate so I wasn't sure if I needed it since I have no children and my spouse is a Canadian citizen.
  5. they requested it to you? canadians citizens do not need to fill them..

  6. No. I found out that my husband, American, should have filled it out and sent it with his part of the application. I found this out AFTER we sent the entire package. Joy. So I'm trying to find out where to send it. Whoever the applicant is, they fill it out and include it.
  7. so you're a the sponsor i guess... did you need to fill the form? i'm confused because i sent my application in march, and we did only send the background A and additional family info from the person being sponsored only.in my case the sponsor is a canadian citizen.
  8. so your wife, the sponsor does not need to fill the additional family information form, only the person being sponsored, so yes, you need it.

    as for dependants... i'd just put NONE or N/A
  9. No, just the applicant :)
  10. Thank you
  11. Parker I did a similar thing- but I included the form with only my name on it (thinking it was for accompanying family members - feel so stupid!!)

    So can I assume this is a stage 2 issue... ie - I should wait if/until my partner the sponsor gets approved and the application sent to Sydney before re-sending the correct form? (Just to save confusion)

    I am going to try calling CIC tonight... but it may be fruitless... thought I would also get your thoughts on the matter.
  12. Try calling, they might have you resend to a specific office :)
  13. Thanks Parker :)
  14. Only the non-Canadian fills out the form (so the sponsor would be listed as 'spouse'). All the rest of the family info is about the non-Canadian principal applican'ts family.

    Yes, only the non-Canadian needs to fill it out for family spousal sponsorship. It's confusing because they use the same form for other applicants where both are immigrating simultaneously in which case both immigrants need to fill it out.

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