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Accra Applicants! What is IMM8

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by woleola, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Hello Accra Applicants,

    I hope someone will be able to help me. I have seen your threads on this sight and it has being very welcoming.
    My relative has being in the accra queue but has now being asked to submit passport for visa.
    The family was asked to submit an updated IMM8 form.

    Abeg oh, which is IMM8?

    It looks like tito & soj are the latest immigrants. Were u also asked to fill this form from Accra?
    Where did you get it from. Did the Accra Embassy send it to you or you got it online,

    Kindly respond all. Please alos include any tips that might help with getting the visa in accra.

  2. woleola,

    Welcome to the forum. Form IMM8 that your relative has been asked to update and submit, will be the Schedule/Declaration form which you can download on CHC website. (www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/accra). Click the Immigration and visa section and then go to the forms. There are 2 IMM 0008 forms. but I think, since they hv requested for his passport, it will most likely be the Sch/Dec. form.

    I hope this helps!
  3. Woleola,

    mot has given you where you check for the forms. However, I need some info...

    Please when did your relative start the application process and when were they asked to submit updated IMM 8 form?

    Did your relative apply under skilled worker(federal) or provincial nominee program?

    Just curious.........

  4. woleola,

    mot has answered your question.

    No, I was not asked to fill this form neither was it sent to me. But it is because I updated my info and paid the landing fee way back in June 2006 without prompting from Accra. I did this to save time.
  5. Tito,

    That was a smart move. I never knew that one could pay landing fees ahead of time...........did you do it because you knew you would soon be called or what?
  6. tito,

    I am interested in yr response as well. Additionally, how does one pay the fees when you have not been asked to pay. Will you just send the cheque to them with yr file no written at the back or what? Pls say more. Thks
  7. woleola,

    Further to my response on IMM8, I was reading through the questions in this forum and someone had asked why they would require them to submit additional IMM8 which is the application for Permanent Residence form. A senior member on this forum now mentioned that they (CHC) sometimes ask just so that the applicant can update his original application. So pls be sure which of the forms you are to complete.
  8. My people,

    Thanks for youe response. Please note that these family have been requested to pay their landing fees since 2005 which they have done. It was after that they were asked to go and do the medicals last year so I do not think it is due to d fact that they have not paid d fees.

    However, please can mot please point me to the actual lin of the IMM8 for if he can?
    I searched the canadian immigration web page & the IMM8 seems different from chc to the other(i stand to be corrected.

    Accra applicants? Is there anyone who can assist.

    Meanwhile, I must say that this site and forum is very very good.

    One gets to hear of different and peculiar situations. It really looks like each situation is peculiar.

    Abeg, for new comers, where is the fastest way to go abou appluing for this skilled workers stuff.

    meanwhile, kindly shed more light on this IMM8 stuff.

  9. woleola,

    I do not think the form is different form one country to another. However, the website I stated is accra's. pls check my earlier post again.

    The fastest route for new comers will be the Provincial Nominee Programme. This takes 24 months.

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