Spousal sponsorship

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Hey computergeek,

Can you give me suggestion regarding i transferred the money into family class not the in Canada Class?

Btw,thanks for the suggestion ivanP


Thanks for the information. Is it advisable to call your spouse by that time thorough Visa or does it get rejected because your case is already filled for sponsorship ?

Quote from: alisiddiqui83 on July 05, 2013, 04:01:11 pm

Hey Guys....

Kinda new here....but can anyone let me know how long does it take once you apply for the sponsorship of your spouse if they are in Pakistan. I am about to file my case so was curious...I have heard from 18 months to years. Is this correct ?

You may get more information here:


I didn't understand what you meant in your other post asking whether you can call your wife??

Yes I meant if I can call my wife through visit visa...along with my case being filled for her sponsorship too.. Would they allow it or just reject it ?

Quote from: MistahFixIt on July 05, 2013, 10:12:42 am

Hey folks, I've got my papers laid out in front of me, waiting to go in the postage-paid registered mail box (take no chances!) but I've got one last question I gotta ask before I pop this in the mail:

While you can pay your 'Right of Permanent Residence Fee' up front (and indeed, should, to save up to two months of processing time) I can't at the moment. My question is, where do you send the payment for a Right of Permanent Residence Fee after your application is sent?

You can get a loan you know? Specifically for RPRF...



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