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"The provincial government launched the website this month. It provides a central, comprehensive source of information about immigration, including how to apply through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program -- the only program that allows people to submit their applications online, as well as track the status of their applications on the website."


where I track my application..

give me the accurate link



i have just sent my application to the CIC office in London as i have been nominated by SINP  ? HOW LONG Cic TAKEs FOR THE DECISION ? does it mean that i will be getting the visa by CIC AS well because i have  already been nominated ? please help .

i've seen the SINP online application site and have tried building my profile.

however, i'm not clear how you exactly upload your SINP and Federal forms in the site (I assume it should be scanned and/or converted to *.pdf and then uploaded).

note what the guide says that Federal forms needs to be "original" forms when you submit your application through postal mail-- so what's the rule then for the online site?


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