Seniors: IELTS VS Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB)


Dear Folks,

in my last IELTS exam I scored:

Test   Score   Required   Points
Listening    7   7.5   2
Reading   8   6.5   4
Writing   7   6.5   4
Speaking   7.5   6.5   4

I know me scores are 14 but I need 16 to reach the 67 points

do you think if I send this IELTS result along with other evidences of English - University, Work...etc) can be accepted as per Canadian Language Benchmark as I'm only in shortage of 0.5!!

Do you think the IO has the ability to grant me extra 2 points?!


They will grant you points according to your score on IELTS.  The answer is to prepare better and take the IELTS again.


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