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March 28, 2017, 07:01:25 am
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Author Topic: Response from New Delhi  (Read 2352 times)
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« on: June 25, 2009, 10:18:34 am »

Today I recieved letter from New Delhi Visa office and they have requested for following items:
1.Right of permanent Residence fee for self and spouse.
2.Medical examination for all.
3.Passports of all members.
4.Birth certificate for self and spouse.

My time line is as follow:

1.Applied under FSW on 7th march 2008.
2.Asked for full apllication on 12th Jan 2009.
3.Send full application with all the documents 24th April 2009.
4.Medical and RPRF in June 2009

Now what next?
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Category........: FSW1
Visa Office......: New Delhi
NOC Code......: 0213
App. Filed.......: 17-Apr-2009
Doc's Request.: 14-May-2009
AOR Received.: 09-Jul-2009
Med's Request: 30-Aug-2009
Med's Done....: 05-Sep-2009
Interview........: NA
Passport Req..: 30-Aug-2009
VISA ISSUED...: 24-Feb-2010
LANDED..........: 08-Aug-2010

« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2009, 04:11:12 am »

this is great... congratulations!!!

can you pls update your case on

My timelines:

I am not an expert. I have learnt from, EG7, OP6 and this forum. Use these resources and take your decisions.

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