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Does anybody know whether a letter signed by a commissioner of oath and a notary weighs the same?

I saw on the statutory declaration that a commissioner of oath is required to sign it, what about the letters written by friends and family then?

Thank you in advance!

The letters don't need to be notarized (if you're married). A notarized letter or an affidavit is considered better evidence than just a signed letter or an email, but these are just extra things you are showing to prove your marriage is genuine. They're not official documents, so not notarized is fine.

Quote from: canadianwoman on July 11, 2010, 11:34:37 pm

Thanks to everyone who posted example letters.
One key is to try to make the people writing the letters understand that there is no one right way to do it. I realize that people may not know what to say, but getting heartfelt responses, like those from Love_Young's writers, and very individual responses, is better than a several letters that seem too much alike. You don't want the visa officer to get the impression that you yourself wrote the letters and just had your friends and family sign them. So give them a guideline like Allison's, and encourage them to write from the heart.

Precisely the reason I haven't shared examples of what my friends and family wrote. I didn't want to impose any kind of structure or format on them. Each person went about it in a way that made sense to them and that they could be comfortable with (which was most important to me because I knew I was asking them to stick their toe into scary international legal immigration business). I just helped them understand the purpose and the basic points that needed to be covered.  One looked very much like a legal document...I am this, I know that, We met when, etc. Several were very heartfelt letters talking about love and longing. A co-worker just said how she knew me, when she met him (once at a brunch at another co-worker's house), how I talked about him when he wasn't around (LOL in a good way of course) and that she knew that he had tried to find a job in the same town. One friend included a photo he'd taken of us when we visited him (and he got some of the dates wrong!). A few wrote one or two sentences and then said "I really don't know what else to write". All of it was good, useful (I asked the friend to correct the dates before submitting his) and deeply appreciated.


your letters are of great help! btw, was it written or computerized??thanks

For statutory declaration, here is a form. You can make it with your computer, print out and get
signatures. It's the same as a letter, but if your family or friends write in different language from English, it will be required to be notarized.




In the matter of the relationship between [ ] and [ ]

I, [full name] of [full address] in the Province of Ontario, Canada,

do solemnly declare as follows:

1.That the common-law relationship between [ ], and her partner, [ ], is known to me.

2.That said relationship is genuine and continuing.

3.[Other details]

4.[Other details]

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath.

Signature of declarant ________________________________

DECLARED before me at (City, Town Village) _______________________________

in the County of _______________________________

in the province of Ontario in Canada

this ______ day of September of the Year 2006

Commissioner of Oaths (Name) _______________________________

Signature of Commissioner of Oaths _______________________________


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