Philippine NBI Clearance Renewal

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Toto Phils:
Hi Everyone!

I'm currently working here in Alberta, CA. Now I started to gather all the necessary documents that might be needed as I go through my PR Application. Is there any chance that I can renew my NBI Clearance in the Philippines through my parents? I still have my green personal copy of my previous NBI Certificate. Or do I need to start all over again.

Please any comments or suggestion are big help.


hello. just renewal. just get NBI form #5 from philippine consulate in vancouver. search the web for their contact numbers. where are you exactly in alberta? visit philippine consulate website for instruction on how to process your NBI form.

i was able to renew the Phil. NBI of my partner physically in alberta here in the phils. i just presented his old green copy.

Toto Phils:
Thanks " imsamazing & rhon! "

I'm here in Edmonton. I just called the NBI Office in Manila and they said that I need to go to the process on getting the Form No.5 at our Phils. Consulate here in Canada, get the finger prints done at the RCMP then return it to them again for authentication. Then after that send it to Phil and process it at NBI main office. Oh my, I didn't realize that it will be as complicated as that coz I thought i just need to send my green personal copy of my previous NBI Certificate then get it renew through my parents with a letter of authorization from me. Anyway I guess i just need to start as early as I could as it will take time.

If only there's a way of rushing it, I'll do it.

Did you already inquire with Philippine Consulate Office if they have the Form 5 available because sometimes its not available.


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