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If you mention the name of your university, perhaps others will be able to share their experience.  I know this is a problem for many applicants from India, but some (not all) universities will explain how to get the transcripts on their websites -

The university name is Rajiv gandhi university Bhopal.

Anyone with the same university who got their TRANSCRIPTS IN SEALED ENVELOPES, Please help!!


Looks like they have a very nice website, ...

Hey Jes_ON,

I agree!! Hopefully they are good with their services too ;)

I got one more doubt as I am applying for the Duplicate mark sheet (I understand transcript means it should shows the course/marks/grades details and in degree certificate no marks are mentioned)

Do I have to request for all the 8 semester mark sheets or just the final one. The final one does shows course/marks/grades details but doesn't shows the total duration of the course which is 4 years.

Checklist says:Transcripts: Original transcripts of all courses taken must be submitted in university sealed envelopes

In my case I have done single course which was 4 year long.

What do you think?


Not sure .. a transcript lists ALL courses taken, grades received, credits for the course.  It also shows whether and when the degree was completed, and the type of degree earned (B.A., B.Sc., for example). 

Usually, it is one page here.  So if your "final marksheet" shows the total of courses taken, credits earned etc., then that is probably sufficient.  If not, then, all semesters...


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