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Hayz, ber na!  Most will got busy with the holiday preparation.  And I think they also got busy with student visa and the summer.

Are we affected by the season?

TAMAaahh... waiting is the hardest part of this game. pero kasali tlaga un guys eh. ok lng un. lets just ol pray that everythng will be ok and we'll end up all in canada.. HAppy Waiting! ;)


I would just like to ask, what do they mean by, "General stream. If you are a skilled worker with a connection to Manitoba apply to immigrate under the MPNP General stream"

Does it mean your job has to be in Skilled list/Occupation list? Or any job is fine and would get points in MPNP General?

Please guys enlighten me as this is critical whether should I apply or not. My job for four years now is only customer service agent in call center so if only SKILLED jobs will be considered for MPNP General and not just any job, then I will not pursue my application

Hello everybody, i'd like to ask all of you some questions about the MPNP form.

Did MPNP provided fillable PDF file?

I downloaded the form from this website  But i found out that the Application for PR, in Canada form, Background Declaration form, Additional Family Information form & Schedule4 Economic Classes Provincial Nominees form is a bit blur. Can i fill in the above mentioned form by using the form which provided by While the MPNP form fill in by hand (since they do not provided filable form so i have to complete it manually)?

I noticed that the APPLICATION FOR PR FORM in CIC website is slightly different with the one in Can i fill in ECONOMIC CLASS in the "OTHER" empty box? Or i must use back the original form provided by MPNP?

I'm applying under Family Stream. Do i need to fill in this section as well?

Thank you so much. Good luck!

hi all. sept. 6,2010 is labour day in canada and sept 10,2010 is also holiday in phil. CEM only have 3days working on our papers this week :'( but thats ok we all need some rests ;D

@kidrobot, answer the question on "occupation under which i'am applying" and "education/training". i made that mistakes of not answering those questions believing it is under the OPTION 2 but it is actually of a different column. look closely there's a white gap/space between them. HTH :)


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