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Kindly answer my question. thank you.

Help please! Anyone who has a fillable copy of Settlement Plan Part 2 so I can just fill it up myself and the sponsor will just affix his signature?  Could you PM me please so I can give my email address? Thanks  in advance for any assistance.

Quote from: Manitoba123 on April 02, 2013, 07:43:47 am

Kindly answer my questions below.

1) Can the main applicant apply for MPNP Family stream (Online application) if he meets the new eligibility criteria AND moves to Australia on a student visa immediately after applying for MPNP family stream?

2) Will it give negative impact on a case because the applicant have to leave the present employer of his home country and move to another country on a visit visa ?

3) Kindly explain in detail of this case and what should the applicant do in this scenario ? Should he stay in his home country and wait for immigration and work with the present employer OR Should he apply for immigration and move to Australia on a student visa for further studies.

I am asking this all because immigration takes approx 2-3 years and there is no guarantee of getting immigration. The applicant don't want to waste his important time and wants to complete further studies.

waiting for your detailed replies.

Thank you.

Waiting for answers for my questions posted above. Thank you

Good news!

I am hearing plenty of sponsor interviews for FS Dec 2012 applicant. I hope it will continue in the coming weeks, especially for GS applicants.  Grin Grin The source of our member Ad never fails to inform us.  Wink

BTW, I also noticed several changes in MPNP website and now I cannot find the Q&A part or the field/form for inquiry which i am using to ensure 100% of return emails. Instead i have seen this,


√   Reminder: check your e-mail

Applicants, Manitoba Supporters and consultants are reminded that all MPNP correspondence is by e-mail. Ensure the program has your current e-mail address. If sending updates to immigratemanitoba  @ make sure to include your full name, file number (if applicable) and both your new address and the address you previously provided. (Those who applied by mail will continue to receive postal correspondence.)

√   Get help with MPNP applications

In Winnipeg attend an information session on applying online to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers, most Tuesdays and Thursdays at the MPNP office: 7th Floor, 213 Notre Dame Ave. You must first register by phone, 204-945-2806.

√   Application status inquiries

Manitoba Immigration and Multiculturalism, including the MPNP, does not accept inquiries (neither by phone, e-mail or in person) regarding the processing status of applications submitted to the MPNP.

√   New mail-in MAPP form

The MPNP still accepts mail applications from clients unable to use the Internet. To get the current MAPP go on the Internet and download and print the English or French form on our website using Adobe Reader.

I am betting that they will no longer respond to any inquiry related to app status.

Dear, How much is total processing time for MNIP general stream (online application)  ? Do I need to submit all  documents  here in India after getting LOA ?


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