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I have applied for MPNP under General Stream in April 2007 but did not recieved any information regarding my application status from concerning authorities. Even i have not recieved the acknowledge letter till date. Could anyone tell me how much time is required for the processing of application?

if u didnot receive mail from manitoba gov. maybe ur file is not with them u should confirm this friend get a mail after 10 days.he fill his papers in jan 2008.

hi der! nothing to worry if you didn't receive  acknowledgement receipt(file number). in my case we passed our papers under general stream march 2007 from then on i did'nt receive any letter coming from the immigration but after a year july 2008 we receive the approval letter. they say that if your under general stream the processing time is 1-2yrs...

New Horison:

The General Stream of Manitoba requires Arranged Employment?

Please advise!


You can see the requirements at
It doesn't say anything about having a job offer, but they have other criteria, including a points system.  You can see the points system in the application kit at
Other criteria is having a close relative, or having 2 friends or distant relatives, or having worked in Manitoba before, or having completed some study program there.


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