LMO processing times as of June 2013

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What's the current LMO processing time in Saskatchewan?

they refused my visa, beacuase im didnt satisdy the immigration offier that i will come back after completeion my contract, my be immigration officer dont beileve on their government that they will catch me if i over stay, and more thing will happen, specially insurance n all,
i hope canada will put some experience immigration officer who will know about their country how works.

Profession - Medical Doctor
Province Alberta.

Do you know what the processing time is for LMO?

I'm the OP here and I'd prefer that people stick to the original question at hand instead of asking new ones on this thread. Anyway, does anybody know the current LMO processing time for Saskatchewan? It would be the same as the processing time for BC LMOs since all Saskatchewan LMO applications are sent to the HRSDC center in Vancouver. So, if you know the BC processing times, that would also be helpful. British Columbia, Yukon, Saskatchewan and Manitoba all have their LMOs processed by the same place.

OK, I'd still appreciate an answer. I see more and more views but still no answers. Are you sure that it's 4 - 8 weeks at the moment, especially given the new rules and all.


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