How long does it take to get FBI clearance certificate?

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Hey I found this info somewhere else and thought it would be useful to someone who is in india and wants to get his/her fingerprinting done. Procedure given below is for Chennai, but I am sure that there will be sate forensic department for each state.

I called <xyz> Consultancy and they are TOOOO expensive. They said if I do it in Delhi, they would charge Rs. 3500 per person. I live in Chennai and they said it would cost me Rs. 13,000.
I researched and found out the process of getting fingerprints done locally. The Govt of India does it. YES THEY DO. And it is done by the Tamil Nadu Forensic Department by Registered Fingerprint Experts who take and analyze Fingerprints for all Criminal Investigations.
And here is the kicker. It costs Rs. 50 (Yes FIFTY RUPEES ONLY)

Here is the process for people in Chennai.
The Forensic Department has an office called SCRB (State Crime Record Bureau). It is on the Marina Beach Road. If you go from Cathedral road, take a left onto the beach road. Pass the lighthouse and pass 2 more lights. You will then pass a small bridge. As soon as you pass a bridge you will see a graveyard on the left (look carefully you may miss it) and right opposite the graveyard you will see the SCRB building.
Walk in. Mention you want to get fingerprints taken for visa purposes. They will give you a form to fill and the name of the bank to go to to pay the Rs. 50. Once paid, come back to this office and they will give you the fingerprints in the form of your choice.
For US Police Certificates, you may print out the form FD-258 from
Alternatively, there is a xerox shop opposite Adyar Busdepot that gives you a color printout in a nice thick Fingerprint Card for a cost.

For other cities, look for the Forensic Department in your town and go talk to them. They will help. Do not get tricked by Commercial Agencies who charge an arm and a leg for something as simple as this.

Can anyone please update how long will FBI PCC take now? I sent in mine on 7th May and it was received by them on 11th may 2012?

Is this from U.S .. if yes is this like a Police clearance from India..My take was from U.S u need to get from each state individually.. is this correct ?

where to do FbI police clearance in Canada?

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where to do FbI police clearance in Canada?

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