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Canada Immigration Visa Solutions
Campbell Cohen Canada Immigration Law Firm

The Canadian federal and provincial governments are constantly updating their programs to ensure that Canadian immigration is successful, both for newcomers and for Canada. With many options to choose from, David Cohen and the Campbell Cohen Law Firm can help you determine what your best options are for Canada immigration.

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Immigration to Canada

Are you looking to immigrate to Canada?

Quebec Immigration

Do you intend to reside in Montreal or another city in the province of Quebec?

Work Permits

Do you need to obtain a Canadian work visa (work permit)?

Study Permits (Student Visas)

Would you like to study in Canada?

Family Sponsorship/SuperVisa

Do you wish to sponsor close family members to come to Canada?

Criminal Inadmissibility

Have you been arrested or detained?

Business or Investor Immigration

Are you a business person or manager looking to immigrate to Canada ?

Canadian Experience Class

Workers and students currently in Canada can become permanent residents through the Canadian Experience Class.

H1B or other US work visa holders

Are you a worker currently in the United States on a temporary work visa?

  • Canadavisa's public Canada Immigration Forum covers topics relating to migration to Canada, work in Canada, living in Canada, and citizenship. Whether you want to migrate to Canada as a Permanent Resident (Skilled Worker, Business, Family, Provincial Nomination, Canadian Experience) or are interested in Temporary Residency, post your Canadian immigration questions and share your experiences with Canada immigration applications and visas.
  • The Canada Immigration Blog is where Attorney David Cohen expresses his personal views on the cross-border movement of people as it pertains to Canadian immigration and the Canadian experience. In his blog, David writes about his perspective on Citizenship and Immigration Canada laws and regulations as well as Canadian immigration and citizenship policies of the past, present and future. David welcomes comments from readers.
  • LoonLounge is the Canadian Immigration and Settlement Online Community. It is a social network designed to facilitate the Canadian immigration process to obtain a Canada visa. Connect with people in Canada and around the world who wish to migrate to Canada. Share immigration experiences and advice, ask questions, make friends, search for work in Canada and create your plan. Membership is free. Join the LoonLounge community today!
  • Cicnews.com hosts Canadavisa's Immigration Canada Newsletter, a monthly electronic publication with a reader base of more than 250,000 people. Edited by Attorney David Cohen, the newsletter covers the latest Canadian immigration news and commentaries.  It is a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in immigrating to Canada, working in Canada, and settling in Canada.
  • Canadaworkvisa is Campbell Cohen's dedicated Work Permit website, focusing on the employment of foreign workers in Canada. It is a resource for foreign workers, Canadian employers who wish to hire workers from abroad, and foreign enterprises sending or transferring their workers to Canada. Individuals who are neither Canadian citizens nor Permanent Residents must obtain a Work Permit to work in Canada.
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